Friday, 6 February 2015

Housing stock...

As I have been walking around Ayr one thing that strikes me is the diversity of its housing stock...the following photographs were taken within a square mile of Pauline's mum's house.

This is the immediate neighbour and like her mum's it is an ex-mansion house which has been sub-divided into flats.

This is her next but one neighbour...a new build in the grounds of an older house, which is a modern mansion house not converted.

Walking down her road takes you on to the seafront where the blue house sits on your left looking out to sea. The houses above are to your right and although built much later have the same sea views and balconies.

As you head back inshore you are met by rows of town houses in both red and grey sandstone.

Plus Ayr and nearby Prestwick's most prolific style of house the red-sandstone bungalow.

There then follows amix of styles all competing for their position within Ayr's social society...

 ...both old

 ...and newer

Plus a variety of styles.

The house below is a modern house built beween two older houses but in a sympathetic style...which is admirable. The owners are obviously very proud of it and why shouldn't they be?

So much so that they often leave the front rooms lit up with curtains open when not in use...very nice. Sadly they also leave their front door side lights on 24/7...a step too far...maybe their house was built on shares of utility companies!

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