Saturday, 25 April 2015

Last weekend's brocanting...

On Saturday we headed over to Preuilly sur Claise to their spring brocante... was a bit overcast and there were less stalls than expected but it is always a pleasure to walk around this    pretty town.We were not looking for anything in particular although we needed to replace some glasses       (balloons) - and we picked up 6 for 10 cents each. 

Sure I've seen this pram before

Didn't need a Wee Wee ('Noddy' in French)

...or a Poo

or indeed a Shrek.

This fine house which has a couple of 'dependances' which were used to sell brocante professionally -didn't even know it was there. As it happened what they tried to sell us was their property! A snip at 500,000 - he did say that he would accept payment in three stages - very generous of them.

On Sunday we headed north of Tours to Chanceaux sur Choisille for another walk among the stuff 'emptied from attics'..nearly 300 of them!

There are obviously a lot of young families as toys were much in evidence - which suited Liz who was with us and was searching for things for her grandson.

We have seen many bizarre things for sale at these events but this reel of barb wire has to be up there with them...

Bought an 'oil on cavas print plus coule of other prints for €4 but this was the highlight of the day...a man trying to buy the flask of coffee that the lady with a stall had to fend of the chill of  today's wind.

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