Friday, 24 April 2015

Vide-greniers / brocantes this Sunday -26th April

Sunday 26th April 2015

Le Grand Pressigny - Brocante / vide-greniers / Foire aux vins (wine fair)
Lets hope for better weather this year - although its always dry at the wine fair in the Salle des Fetes -well externally anyway.

Bourgueil  -  Vide-greniers

Chinon -   Brocante

Joue-les-Tours -  Vide-greniers

Louestault  - Vide-greniers

Rilly sur Vienne – Brocante

Saint Ouen les Visgnes - Vide-greniers

Saint Senoch - Vide-greniers

Tours, Boulevard Beranger - Brocante



  1. Typical! The first year we could make this we've got the wrong weekend and we don't arrive until next week :0(. Hope the weather is better than last year and we look forward to reading about your purchases.

  2. Elizabeth say "it could not be any worse than it was then" unless of course it snowed!!