Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Le Blanc...and going back

Went down to visit some new friends in the Limousin last week and on the way stopped of for a coffee in Le Blanc. It was scary to think it had been 10 years since we had last been there. When house-hunting we had checked out nearly all of the departments of this diverse region of ours Centre Val de Loire. The town is actually only one hour away from us here in Barrou but we do not venture down this way nearly enough, forgot how pretty it is.

Had to take a shot of this lovely façade on our way to a boulangerie.

Sitting on the river Creuse (just like Barrou) the town has some great views. These are from across the river heading up to the 'high town'.

Looking back toward its fabulous viaduct.

The weir on the river looking up to the 'high town'

There is more to explore...so we will be back soon.


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