Friday, 21 August 2015

When does a small job become a big job?

Reconfiguring upstairs shower room at the 'Old Walnut Mill' here in Barrou and making new corridor to allow access from both bedrooms.

On the face of it a fairly small job but...

had to make a little repair to the floor which meant bringing out the big guns.

Acro prop in place in salon below...nice feature!

It also meant undoing work I did 7 years ago to gain access to our main soil pipe.

We are doing the work as the 'Old Walnut Mill' is coming back onto the holiday rental market next season with Pauline and I moving to our next 'project'...crazy or what!

Old Walnut Mill courtyard at night


  1. Crazy... Good job though, as always...

  2. Crazy, perhaps. Good luck with the project. Where will you live? You might have already told me, bit if so I've forgotten!! :0)