Monday, 3 August 2015

Big bang theory....

The theory was was good and the 'big bang' and company were excellent but our evening dining out at the No15 in Angles-sur-l'Anglin to watch the fireworks proved to be less than perfect..

The location near the river might have seemed like a good place to view the excellent show the village puts on but in reality the castle ruins,which take centre stage in the event, were shielded by trees...

apart that is, from the small chapel which only served to give us a taste of what we were missing. The musical backing was also less obvious but we tried not to let it spoil our evening.

Our 22 euro menu consisted of half a small melon filled with port, spit-roasted lamb, cheese and a cupcake. Unfortunately Pauline's portion of lamb proved to consist of no actual meat. They did quickly exchange it but it did feel that whoever was cutting the meat wasn't familiar with the process! 

The service proved difficult for the hard working staff who must have covered a few miles during the evening.
of  this, a special annual event for the No 15, who do excellent English teas and lunches.

Thankfully when the firework display got into full throttle we were treated to a wonderful display in the sky above treetop level.

The 'big bang'


  1. We also felt the meal was not good value but maybe it was worth it for the comfortable seated position to view the fireworks. Although as you say, our view of much of the light show was blocked by the trees. Then there was the half hour queue to get out of town because of where we had parked.
    It was nice to get together for the evening, but next year I think we might eat before setting out and take our chances with the crowds on the bridge.

    1. The owners work very hard and all credit to them for creating this 'event' but like you it will be a one-off experience for us but glad we were invited on the night.