Saturday, 21 May 2016

What is going on with the weather?

We have managed to do a bit of outside painting at the Old Walnut Mill this week in spite of the inclement weather and are rewarding ourselves with a night at our local restaurant with a bunch of friends tonight plus a visit to a brocante and walk on permitting! Meteo is telling us that it is going to hit 25 today...more like the thing but around 5.00 we can expect thunder storms with the threat of hail,so we won't be dining alfresco tonight then! The pic above is from this weekend last year when we visited the brocante at Antoigne just outside Chatellerault under a brilliant blue sky, may be slightly different tomorrow with a forecasted drop of 10 degrees overnight and rain!!!! Below is a pic of our visit to Chaumont garden festival on the same weekend from two years ago when sunhats were the order of the day...what is going on!

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