Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Walking a marked route...

Pauline and I headed for the hills behind Barrou again yesterday to 'clear off the cobwebs'. We were,in theory, following the 'Sentiers Pedesttres' one of the marked walks you can pick up locally from the tourist office for Touraine.

We have been doing this route (with variations) for the last couple of walks but we decided this time to try and do the complete walk as per the brochure,although back to front (don't ask).

Our plan didn't last long however as when we approached the cemetery there was,sadly, a funeral cortege walking the route we intended to it was back to variations - up the hill to 'La Touche'. We knew we could pick up the 'official' walk again further along this road.  

This is the point on the route we have christened 'the argument' as it is the point we arrived at last time before Pauline doubted my navigation/geography skills (how could she!) such that it meant us turning around and heading back down the road to allow me to prove a point (only because she was sure she was right - she wasn't); it is actually called 'Le Chêne Charpentier'. We had by this time picked the freshly painted red and yellow route markers.

After a short distance however they wanted us to take a right turn towards Chambon which Pauline understandably wanted to take as there did not appear to be an option to go the other way, although there was no yellow cross telling us not to! I didn't fancy a longer walk so convinced her to carry on and try and pick up the 'yellow only' marked trail. As we had walked a reasonable distance without seeing a marker my sense if direction (?) took over and we made a sharp left into the woods.I recalled walking this road many years ago and ending up a few kilometres from Le Grand Pressigny on the Chaumussay road - only to have to turn around and walk back again, in the dark!

There are alleyways cut through the forests here but this one may also have taken us to Le Grand Pressigny, so another sharp left was required - although Mrs Craig wasn't happy and wanted to turn and go back the way we came.  Where was her spirit of adventure? - although I should probably have brought the map - as she reminded me ( a few times).


My sense of direction proved right and we eventually found our way back on to the road back down to the cemetery and on to the village.

This view of the village shows the village of Maire popping up on the other side of the river Creuse.

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