Monday, 15 May 2017

'Randonnee de Printemps'- a walk around Barrou

Pauline and I joined locals and visitors alike to take part in yesterday's 'Randonnee de Printemps' through  the countryside around Barrou. Although 'Meteo' had threatened the occasional shower it turned out to be a beautiful day.

Most of the route was familiar to  us having walked them many times in the past. Up through the woods behind the village... 

over the road to Le Grand Pressigny and back into open countryside.

You had the choice of 10.13 or 16km routes, we chose the 13km as this is the normal length we would do with the Le Grand-Pressigny walking club.

Pauline setting the pace.

Our route took us for the first time into slightly unfamiliar territory for the first time but the organisers had done a good job of marking it out... 

although there was one point where walkers in front of us had missed a right turn and we (as serious getting lost peeps) had to put them right, 

We got to have a peek at this fine house which would normally be very secluded.

On the walk the light played its tricks as we walked through the woods.

The day also included some ambitious bike rides and we had the occasional flurry of bikes nipping past us. although their routes tended to be deeper into the woods.

When we arrived at the refreshment halfway point it was obvious the cyclists were quite happy to be out of the saddle, judging by how they had abandoned their bikes.

Their was a good spread on offer and you could even have a glass of rose, we stuck to water, honestly!

Refreshed, it was then back in the woods.

Through the 'cuts' 

Another change of route depending on your chosen distance

Back in familiar territory behind 'Haute Touche'...

down the 'chemin' behind 'Les Divards' where on exiting you are met by this great view of the Creuse valley.

It was good to see kids taking part

The last stretch up behind the village offers us the opportunity to do a bit of house spotting.

Last little bit is downhill which after 13km is a joy... 

even for the cyclists.

We were the first of the walkers back in the village and it was nothing to do with the rose pamplemousse on offer. It was a very good walk and the organisers deserve a big 'shout-out' for their efforts, 

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