Monday, 8 May 2017

Strange Sunday...

As we waited to know our fate, well at least one aspect of it, yesterday, we tried to distract ourselves by doing 'normal' (for us) things. We were, it has to be said, also a little jaded after four consecutive, very enjoyable,dinner party evenings but managed to stir our stumps to head out in the afternoon over to the brocante at Saint-Rémy sur Creuse. It was a bit of a disappointment and a little 'deja vu' as these events can be but it got us out in the fresh air and allowed us to use the social aspect of it to good effect. 

We are pleased that the country we have adopted has chosen, as we believe, the right (or not) path. I was personally impressed by the way the Macron campaign appeared to handle any skulduggery with regards to 'fake news' and outside influences...a point learned from the Trump and Brexit campaigns. Shame the UK had not been more aware of the practices of billionaires succeeding in influencing government. 

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