Friday, 3 November 2017

Walking near Charnizay

Yesterday's walk with the Le Grand-Pressigny Randonnee club took us out in the countryside just north of the village of Charnizay. We were blessed with another fine day for walking.

It was a walk of leafy shaded chemins one minute and open countryside the next.

Yesterday we were joined by the charming grandchildren of our group leader (it is the school holidays,Toussaints ) who led the way and seemed to thrive on the experience.

In some of the paths nature had put some obstacles in the way  which were less of a problem for some of us!

House with potential?

The walk took us past the 'Etang du Bois Guenand which, on a day like today, showed it off to its best advantage.

trees reflecting on the Etang du Bois Guenand near Charnizay

walking in open countryside near the village of Charnizay

As we walked it was interesting to see how our direction was highlighted by our accompanying shadows

By the time we were returning to our starting point the sun was going down over the village...

but it didn't stop the local farmers continuing to take advantage of the fine day. or what was left of it!

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