Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Christmas in-store...

 One of the surprising 'must see' places at Christmas in Paris is actually within a department store.The Galeries Lafayette is located in Boulevard Haussmann close to the Opera Garnier. Once you make your way through the hoards of shoppers to the Byzantine influenced dome you will be spellbound with the way it is presented at this time of year.Their central tree reaches high into its 33mtr space.

The other major benefit of a visit here is the fact that the store also has a wonderful free viewing terrace on its roofspace to help you appreciate the city of Paris.There are escalators to the last but one level so it makes for an easy climb.

The views are wonderful with all the major landmarks,including the Eiffel tower, on show.
You get a great view of the nearby opera house.

 A quite different view of the Sacré-Coeur,one of the farthest away icons.

I don't know whether it was the distance or a trick of the light but its dome seemed to have reduced in size! Took a few shots from the roof and they are all the same.


  1. You have captured an unusual and quite fabulous angle of view for the Sacré-Coeur, usually photographed from below the main central steps.

  2. Thanks for comment - the tower behind the dome had intrigued me as it is not often seen in photographs yet it is obvious from other high vantage points within the city - including this one.