Friday, 21 December 2012

More reminiscing...

While walking through the village of Alloway near Ayr the other day we passed by the village hall and a memory came back of a trip many years ago (probably 50). I (Jim) was born in Kilmarnock about 11 miles away where my mum was a 'clippie' (bus conductress) with the local bus company. Every year they would take their employees and their families on a summer trip to a nearby resort. At that time Ayr was a popular destination and although it was a short distance it was a big adventure for us! Sadly on the day the weather was abysmal (ah... Scottish summers) so a bit of quick thinking meant a visit to Burn's cottage (Robert Burn's birthplace) in Alloway.

After the visit the village allowed us to cram into the hall to take our packed lunches that should have been had on the beach under the sun! The hall had a stage and none of us had ever been on one so it was soon filled with kids. The janitor of the hall asked if we could be cleared off the stage as there was a danger of someone falling off. He then suggested that if anyone wanted to 'perform' on it then that would be ok. I think it was my elder brother Billy who organised the 'Craig brothers', 5 of us ranging from 2 to 8 years old, into a quick rehearsal and had us up there singing 'Standing in the need of prayer' - he even had us harmonising -don't know where it came from but it went down very well . Not exactly the Von Trapps but great fun - I remember loving the applause - happy days!

Here's a real choir doing it...

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