Friday, 8 March 2013

A quail of a time...

Last Saturday Pauline made a lovely meal which included a starter of 'scotch eggs' made with  quail's eggs - a dish she had last year in a restaurant in Epsom and wanted to try making. They were delicious... but sadly I was rather ill,actually very ill, after the meal. We tried to think what the cause could have been but as Pauline and our French neighbour had the same food with no effects was a bit of a mystery.

That was until last night when we used the last of the eggs in a salad and I had the same reaction - Pauline was unaffected. It seems I have an allergy to quail's eggs, rare but true or at least that's the answer we came up with. I am not prepared to try any more to prove the theory. I read about a girl who had the same problem, ate quail's eggs then within a couple of hours she was violently ill - they made her take them four times before accepting that they were the problem!

It's a real shame as I really liked them and they are apparently very good for you.

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