Monday, 18 March 2013

Pull yourself together man...

After a very frustrating day in Tours* last Wednesday looking for curtains for the bedrooms and salon in Les Balcons, we found exactly what we were looking for locally in 'Centrakor' and 'Bricomarche' in Yseures sur Creuse.  'Rogary' at Chambray had the perfect match for the master bedroom but only had 1 pair and no we could not order another pair. We worked our way through all they had on offer but were unable to purchase enough curtains to fit our double aspect windows.We then tried another four stores without success - Jim was by this time, losing the will to live and said he wanted to draw the search to a close. (sorry!)

For anyone not familiar with Centrakor,  it is worth checking out.  They stock curtains, bedlinen, crockery, pots and pans and garden furniture among a myriad of other good value household goods, what is more we were able to order a 4th curtain of a design they had 3off (?) to finish dressing the second bedroom.

*The curtain search here was only because we were visiting a friend in hospital.


  1. Centrakor strikes me as a bit like a French Wilko!
    We got good, modern style curtain rails from them!!

    The WV has just come up as "emizyin"... as in "it's emizyin what you can find at Centrakor!"

  2. Yes very similar - you get what you pay for! Good value for the money.