Sunday, 24 March 2013

Church on Sunday...St Pauls, Chambon

 The church of St Paul's in Chambon is another one of  Touraine's 12th century churches that has withstood the ravages of time - with the help of some 19th century restoration - rather well.

As you enter through its unassuming west façade you are reminded of just how old it is!

As I pushed open the heavy doors I wondered were they 12th or 15th century?

Turning around after you enter lets  you see the delightful small round stained-glass windows that  from the outside go almost unnoticed..

It is a small church consisting of the original 112 century nave and square bell tower with the apse,additions to the nave and side chapels added in the 15th. 

Behind the main alter is a stained-glass widow depicting Jesus flanked by St Peter and St Paul.

 The light in the church gave us this view of the church pews.

 Where's Joan?...she's back this week in all her splendour.

 If you choose to do one of the walks around this little village you should make a point of looking in!

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