Sunday, 17 March 2013

Church on Sunday...Descartes, St.George

The 12th century Church of St. George in Descartes is not the town's most redeeming feature but plays, as most churches do, a major part in its history.

 The inside consists of a nave and two side aisles with rather grand pillars. 

The pretty alter sits in a semicircular apse with some attractive stained-glass windows.

There is also a very attractive side alter under a vaulted ceiling.

Philosopher  René Descartes was baptised here in 1596 - there is a plaque confirming this!

 St, George has rather a grand organ which I believe was donated to the church in 1932.

Where's Joan? - couldn't find her here!

This view of the church shows many of the changes it has absorbed over the centuries .The information outside the church states that "It is Norman in style, with a noticeable re-emergant Gothic influence" mmm......


  1. Looks like it has had some serious buttressing to the tower! WOT NO JOAN disgraceful!

  2. We usually park by the church in Descartes when we go to the market. It's in a nice part of town and it's obviously very well attended. We have had to fight our way through several crowds of worshipers there for weddings, funerals and just church on Sunday, over the years.

  3. There is another church on the way out of town, Eglise Saint Pierre that is said to be the best in town but we have yet to visit - must do soon.