Friday, 24 May 2013

French for entrepreneur...

George W. Bush (that pearl of wisdom) is reportedly credited with the the classic 'the problem with the French is they have no word for entrepreneur' Well it's their word and the spirit of entrepreneurship (is that a word?) is alive and well in Villandry.

What at first seemed like a series of mail boxes or secure lockers at the entrance to the car park turned out to be an annex of the nearby grocer's (800 mtrs according to the sign) who'd obviously become frustrated at missing the huge 'passing trade' that is the visitors to the ever popular Chateau and Gardens 

So he has brought his fruit and veg. to them!

 On offer is a selection of different 'combos' of vegetables or fruit and even Fresh eggs (well I'm sure they will be when put in) - very enterprising.

Somehow don't think it would work in UK where it would be seen as a food source and cash dispenser!


  1. Ah, but you're wrong!
    Our local farmer has on of these at the end of his lane. He started out with just one fridge and an honesty box, selling milk, and now has several vending machines, selling eggs, cream, farm-made butter, potatoes, bread, cakes and meat pies !!
    He obviously had no idea how successful it would be at the start but it,s incredibly popular with local people. Amazing considering it's in the back of beyond, on the road to nowhere.

  2. All credit to them...although know quite a few areas of Scotland where wouldn't last the weekend.