Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Old red eyes is back...

Two H&S issues. Yesterday while strimming some weeds, without a visor (forgot to put it in car) I was splattered by a weed (tall thing with yellow flower,cure for warts?). Bit uncomfortable but after a little rinsing got the job finished. At home Pauline brought out the eye wash capsules - that should have made a difference - it did, unfortunately she gave me 'Mercurochrome' an antiseptic,clear and in a little capsule like the eye wash. This isn't a great cure! More rinsing and a painful red eye. Two things to remember:always,always wear eye protection while strimming and mark your first aid items clearly!

Wouldn't have minded if had been from a heavy drinking session.


  1. Ouch... hope it clears soon.

    Very occasionally I've put my contact lenses in without completely rinsing off the cleaning solution. If your eyes feel the same you have my every sympathy.

  2. In a 'previous life' I experienced a 'welding flash'a few times,think grains of sand in your eyes and you're almost there!

  3. Yes I have suffered welding flash when some idiot was arc cutting without any screens. It was horrendous! Hope you have improved.