Saturday, 10 August 2013

Ah! France on a Monday...

Last Monday with friends we visited Lencloître monthly market which had been recommended by Colin & Elizabeth. It was indeed a fine market, swelling this fairly small Vienne town's population by great numbers.It had everything...though don't know what was on offer here!

You can check out C&E's pics here..

While the ladies (Pauline & Liz) were happy to browse Mike & I sought out a bit of culture...that happened to involve the local church.

The town does not really have a lot to offer tourists (markets aside) although they do heartily promote its 12th century church and former when they have the largest number of visitors on the first Monday  of the month what do they do? Yes, you have probably guessed it -they lock it up!!

We did get to learn a bit about the place from the information board surprisingly in English and German as well as French (many tourist sites take note), here it is...

The locked door!

Another external view.

Anyway to get back to the blogpost theme...the restaurants in the village were obviously oversubscribed for lunches so we decided to head out of town in a north-westerly direction. A direction chosen as I had not been on this road before. The first couple of villages we passed through had no commerce at all or their restaurany was closed,so we took to stopping and asking the few (very few) people we came across for ideas. We were directed towards Monts-sur-Guesnes which we were assured had a restaurant.On arriving at the village we spoke to someone coming out of his house,happened to be a an Englishman, who confirmed yes the 'Café du Cheval Blanc' was open and just straight along the road. There was no straight road however as we arrived at a fork in the road with no indication of where to go.Fortunately a couple were coming out of their house and let us know it was the right fork we should take and it was only a minute along the road. Great we thought,food at last...but no, the cafe was closed!! So two people who lived in this very small village didn't know it wasn't open!

So we continued on to Richelieu where we were sure we would find an open restaurant...and we did.  

We had a good lunch at the 'Le Puit Dorés' where we had eaten before - but had travelled quite a few kilometres to get there.

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