Friday, 9 August 2013

Printer earror...

The 'Bureau de Pauline' (corner of the salon) recently had a technical problem that required a visit from the IT department (me). The printer was not working with Pauline fearing that her rather robust attempt to clear a paper jam had obviously done some irreparable damage. After checking no paper jam or problem with paper-feed I decided a closer look was necessary. With torch in hand (it's a dark corner) I did some investigating - only to find the culprit was one of her earnings that had lodged itself in the paper slot!!

Ah says she "I wondered where that had gone"

It brought back memories of having to dislodge 'Fisher Price' figures from our front-loading video player when the boys were toddlers. I would have to say that I understood the attraction of a hideout with a self-closing door.

For some reason or other the yellow haired girl on the right was referred to as 'bad Mary' by the boys, don't know what she had done to deserve this! 

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  1. Yes, I remember them well!!

    We found that it was the smaller lego 'men' and pieces that got to places other toys couldn't reach.