Monday, 19 August 2013

Blues brother...

"They promised me the Blues Brothers"

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Grand concert "Blues Brothers": sur la place de la République - La Roche-Posay -16 Août à 21:00Reprises des plus grands succès du mythique groupe des ..

.We went along to our second free music concert at La Roche Posay on Friday night to get a taste of the Blues Brothers but instead we got...

A tribute to Claude Francois,the man who gave us the song* that would eventually become'My Way

This concert, like the previous 'Queen' tribute was free and the singer and the dancing girls were very excitable and energetic but it was all my worst Eurovision nightmares coming true all at once. What he did do however was entertain the crowd...they seemed to love him, even when he got them to clap along out of time with the music... and they gave him a great send off after a few encores. Did I tell you it was free?  

I would have to say a certain member of our company...perhaps starved of a good nights bopping also enjoyed the night...for what it music...and  free.

You can just hear her singing along on this song... 


Now if  I had a hammer!

*Check out the words on Claude's big hit 'Comme d'habitude'
...oh dear!

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