Sunday, 4 August 2013

Church on Sunday...Oyre

We slip ever so slightly over the border back into the Vienne for today's church...Saint-Sulpice in Oyré. It is not a village that gets a lot of press but its small Romanesque church must be one of the finest in the area. At first glance,under a hot summer sun, you could be forgiven for thinking that you were somewhere in Spain

Entering this 12th century church via it unusual gallery which is reminiscent of an abbey cloister,makes you wonder just how much of the building is in fact original.

Inside is a fairly typical 'Latin cross' design with three arched aisles, which appear unequal, under barrel vaulted ceilings. You are lead from under the tower into a fairly plain apse under via a very ornate arch.

This is flanked by two shallow apses which is fairly typical of Romanesque churches of the region. It is here you will find the most ornate parts of the church.

Originally these would have been all decorated with 14th or 15th century paintings whereas today we are also looking at work from the 19th century.

The capitals (20) are all carved with strange designs,all unique, which may have a a story to tell but it went right over my head - well it would wouldn't it! 

Really liked the simplicity of the pews.

Where's Joan ?... here she has her own little space,well she actually has a couple of companions...

...but takes centre stage.

The corbels decorating the exterior of the church are rather amusing...think the masons invilved were having a laugh...unfortunately my zoom currently only gives me 'white light' but you can see my favourite and some other great pics. here

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