Wednesday, 16 October 2013

A Cardinal who's more than one dimensional...

Some weeks ago we found ourselves back in the town of Richelieu in search of an open restaurant (it was Monday) and decided to explore a little as it had been a few years since our last visit. We knew that had been a new visitor centre installed in one of the town houses on Grande Rue and went in search of it.
On a previous visit we had 'looked in' on the museum but having read somewhere that it was not very interesting decided against a visit. This is still there, in the square diagonally opposite the new  Tourist office. As you enter, it shows that  the entrance is on the first floor but you have to 'report first to the Mariés office' - small paper sign told us this - now Pauline is a stickler for rules and authority and was about to exit in search of it when I noticed a lady behind a desk near the sign - when I asked her where the office was she answered 'here' - was going to suggest a sign saying 'report here' would suffice but that would take some of the 'French' out of the visit. I asked her if a visit to the museum was worth it - and she said no! and we should go directly to the new exhibition on Grande Rue, we did.

The museum can be found at No 28 one of the many former grand town houses along this street. Most of these were abandoned after the death of the cardinal and even today many still appear to be.

 The town is however going through a bit of resurgence with large restoration works including the town square and market hall being recently completed.

The exhibition includes a great visual display of the history of the town and the Cardinal. 

There is a gallery on the top floor under its impressive beams.

You end the tour with a 3D virtual video walk through the Cardinal's former chateau of which little or nothing you will see it was a rather splendid place to rival even Versailles. 

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