Saturday, 19 October 2013

Worth celebrating...

We had a great meal last night at 'Le Savoie Villars' in Le Grand Pressigny to celebrate the end of our rental season and...38 years of marriage! Both worth celebrating. I didn't take my camera...I am sure it would have felt like a gooseberry! Though the presentation of the food deserved photographing - will just have to go back soon. 

We have lunched here before and even for that they go all out on presentation...

They had 20 covers in the dining room last night,which was good too see - and what was also good was that they accepted a couple at 9.00pm - without a reservation!

If you haven't eaten here you should try it.

Will do more on our 'season' in another post.


  1. Congratulations on your anniversary !!
    Glad you had a nice meal at le Savoie-Villars. Considering they have only been re-opened for four months they're doing really well. It just shows how much the hotel was missed in the village but a lot of their success has to do with making an effort and having the right attitude I think.

  2. Congratulations! Thirty eight years is no mean feat and certainly something to celebrate.
    I think Jean's comment about the Savoie-Villars is also applicable to a successful marriage - effort and the right attitude. ;o)

  3. Belated Hapiniversary!
    And the Villars is very good... we went with Jean and Nick for a potato event... full... and apart from us... all French locals!
    Went past Granny's Friday night... five people!!
    Couldn't see how many were in t'Villars... but many more than that.