Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Am I really talking 'Tupperware'?

It is the classic orange peeler! 

I wanted another one so as our rental house could have one as we pride ourselves in not being caught out by the absence of an important piece of kit! You can't buy them I was told but they can be a 'gift' when you do buy something. I had to ask nicely to get the current model pictured above - snazzy eh! - as I didn't make a purchase. BTW the Tupperware lady didn't seem to know how to use it, thinking you broke the skin with the thin edge...so this is for her.

Or maybe we should get one of these...



  1. Every home should have one of those and an orchard of orange trees... I cannot believe you have me watching oranges being peeled....C

  2. Wouldn't it be just as easy with a little knife?
    Like Colin, I can't believe I watched these videos......must get out more.....