Saturday, 23 August 2014

With Pauline away in Scotland my neighbour David said he had organised a party which he hoped I would attend...reluctantly I agreed...very reluctantly. Bizarrely it was a 'Tupperware', yes you are reading this correctly a 'Tupperware' party. I have had some surreal times here in France but this is up there with the best. There was David , me ,Mike & Liz, our neighbour Mme.Bastard (yes that's her name) plus her sister who was giving the demonstration and her 'teacher'. They proceeded to make a lovely pear gateau plus cooked rabbit in their steamer. We got to sample the gateau but never got a whiff of the rabbit! As the afternoon wore on we had visits from the demonstrators children plus another lady who may have been the area manager plus plenty of form filling for the little that was purchased - not by me I might add. After four hours David then hosted a BBQ for me, Mike and Liz plus the very charming 'teacher'. The event was really just a way to allow David to charm the lady (plus have tomorrow's meal cooked) and we were happy to be part of it...we left them alone at a decent hour to seal their friendship!!


  1. I dunno Jim, if I was your Pauline I'd be really worried about you.........
    The minute you're off the lead, what do you do..........head straight for the nearest Tupperware party!
    The question in my mind is........was it new or vintage Tpperware?!

  2. You are VERY lucky if you attend one of these parties and manage to get out without buying anything. You'll need to pass on tips!

    1. Take no money (I 'don't do' money) and tell them you don't have microwave (we don't)