Monday, 18 August 2014

Far aboots are the furry boots...

The ever-present furry boots were for sale at the Lesigny brocante on Sunday which I somehow find comforting...maybe I should buy them one year and have them stuffed!

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From the Urban dictionary:
Doric is the dialect spoken in the North East of Scotland, From Aberdeen to Stonehaven, Macduff, Buckie, Keith, Fochabers and Elgin - the language is also known as "the mither tongue" Similar words and phrases are used by "Geordies", natives of Newcastle. Doric is a dying language, but the true natives keep it going. 
Foos yer doos/fit like the day = How are you 
Gan awa doon the toon, see aboot some shoppin = Going into town to get the shopping 
Aye aye min/hey min = greeting(geordies use "wye aye man") 
On causing offence to a doric decendant aka a sheepshagger, he/she is liable "tae stick the heid on ye" (glasgow kiss) 
Far aboots are ye fae = where do you come from (often mistaken for furryboots, hence Aberdeen being labelled "Furryboots City") 


  1. I think I'd better stick to learning French!!

  2. Well, ah gu t' t'foot of our stairs! It's them boots again !!