Tuesday, 19 August 2014

The village people...

Le Grand Pressigny's 'Comice Agricole' celebrations were blessed by good weather and a great turnout on Sunday. The people of the village had done a delightful job of dressing it up - the perfect backdrop for their fete and 'Grand Cavalcade'. 

We have an excellent vantage point at 'Les Balcons' for viewing such events as our 'Juliet balcony' hangs over the street - on Sunday it was reserved for the film crew and official photographers however - well actually Mike and I..Mike taking the still shots and me doing the video. Bad choice from me as the parade.impressive as it was, was all stop and start! Had my camera been fully charged I could probably have done both!  

While we made use of our lofty status the ladies had front row seats and along with our neighbours waited in anticipation...

First of all (fashionably late)  came the 'Défilé de Cadilillacs' which was a case of misrepresentation as we had only the one...disappointing start!

Our disappointment melted as the 'Grand Cavalcade' approached with the sound of music - the work the villages of the commune put into their floats is amazing  The theme for this year's event was the 'forests of Touraine' which manifested itself in many different guises...with the addition of any kind of forest/woods reference one can think of.

Like the low profile Red Riding Hood above and the very visible Snow White below...

...complete with her buble blowing giant dwarfs.

If I had to pick a winner it would have to be the Paulmy float which was on some kind of hydraulic platform that raised itself up as if to take a bow to the admiring audience before doffing its hat of branches. The doffing was done by a series of ropes and pulleys...or was it smoke and mirrors? The nymphet on the float did a wonderful 'Titanic arms wide open' gesture every time she was elevated which added to the effect...I'm sure Mike caught that!

One of the things I loved about the floats was the fact that many (if not all) were being pulled by tractors driven by the local mayor...great! Mike and I were joined at one stage by Barrou's official photographer to take advantage of the lofty position

 After the climb up Avenue Andre Theuriet (don't you just love our address) the parade toddled off around the one way system to the centre of the village which was packed by spectators, you will have to wait for Mike's pics for that as my battery ran out or check out Colin & Elizabeth's here

The day was all about people...

...like Snow White's proud father

and friends and neighbours.

We finished of a very good  day at a very good BBQ with friends at Cally's where much was discussed about the way the French 'do' these kind of events with the general consensus being 'the only way they can' and none the worse for that.

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