Sunday, 1 November 2015

Church on Sunday...St. Andrew by-the-Lake, Toronto Island

When we popped over to visit Toronto Island during our Canada trip one of the highlights was a visit to the island's pretty little Anglican church St. Andrew by-the-Lake. The church was locked but when I was peeking through one of the windows I saw there was an open Stanley knife on the sill, Not a clever thing to leave lying around I thought so walked around the building and found the joiner it belonged to who was doing some repair work He was kind enough to open up the church so as we could have a look around.

The design of the church is a curious mix of Gothic and Medieval styles built into a wooden clad framework as used in most of the island properties. The joiner let me know that this was not the original site of the church and it had in fact been sawn in half (not by him) and moved to its current location in 1959. After doing a little research I found the church and the island have an interesting past, check out more here and here.

Inside is delightful with the stained glass windows filling the room with a soft light everywhere you look.


The pews and 'stations of the cross' came from the island's Catholic church of St. Rita's which unfortunately did not escape the wrecking ball that destroyed much of the island's heritage. Both denominations now use the church for services.

I loved the dark wood clad ceiling...

and the obvious Scottish connection 

Just glad the joiner was there,would have hated to have missed visiting inside.

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