Thursday, 19 November 2015

Strength in togetherness...

We are always anxious to get 'home' to France after a visit to Scotland,much as we love it here catching up with old friends and family. On this visit Mark had come over separately to join us and then he was followed by Paul and Michael who helped us continue celebrating our 40th anniversary courtesy of a bottle of pink Champagne left by Pauline's sister Eileen for that purpose.Mark doesn't dink (wise man) so didn't miss out. Their gran is always pleased to see them and loves their company.

This visit has been a difficult one as we have some very dear friends who are going through a very tough time in their lives and however stoical they may appear to be, their situation is one that with all they have had to endure until now, can only be described as 'unfair'. Then, we often hear that life 'isn't fair' and the truth is it is not. How we handle this unfairness however makes us who we are and through handling it, life miraculously becomes a little fairer. Yet there are situations,we don't have to look far for these,when the unfairness cannot seem to be handled and we mere mortals cannot comprehend the rational as to who is 'chosen'.I certainly don't have any answers but I am comforted by the strength of character shown by our friends and other people who seem to rise above their situation.

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