Sunday, 22 November 2015

Church on Sunday...Niagara Falls

For today's church I'm taking you back to our visit to Niagara Falls. There was this interesting church near where we stayed.It is called 'St. Mary's - Holy Mother of God Ukrainian Catholic Church' , a bit of a mouthful but I'm sure St. Mary 's suffices. 

We never got to see the inside but knew it must be interesting and as the photographs from the church's website below show, we weren't wrong.

The parish of the church dates back to 1951 when Ukrainians who had come to Canada after the war (WWII) used a nearby hall to have their church services. It would be 1988 before this splendid building would be built from donations from church members. The people wanted more than just a place of worship but something that would be an example of their heritage.Apparently there were no nails used in its construction.

The ornate carvings  make a great backdrop,would have loved to have seen them up-close...maybe next time.

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