Sunday, 15 November 2015

Church on Sunday...St. Paul's Ayr


As we are in Ayr and it's 40 years ago this month since we were were married there, thought I repeat this post from a couple of years ago!

Today we visit the church of St. Paul's  in Ayr,  it was built in 1967 to cater for a then expanding population.

The church is very 60's in its design but has stood the test of time rather well

Here's a couple of newly-weds standing by the front doors (Oct,1975)

The inside is quite plain but airy and bright.

The glass in the windows has been replaced by modern stained glass.

Found these facts on the church's website, to buy the land in 1966 cost £240 and the architect’s fees were £8.8s.!! ...a bit like today's market...not!

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