Monday, 3 September 2018

After a Saturday of two changeovers what do we do?

On Saturday we welcomed new guests to the 'Old Walnut Mill' and 'Le Bourg' and although we had had a few extra days to get 'Le Bourg' ready it was still a tiring day, so what did we do afterwards? we started to load up the trailer for the local (La Guerche) brocante on Sunday.

Then it was up at 'dark o'clock' to rendezvous with friends John & Maureen to set up our stalls in the Chateau grounds. After ten hours under a hot sun and having accrued the princely sum of 60 euros, we had to ask ourselves was it worth it? Well actually in spite of us being a little drained it was fun meeting friends old and new and acquainting ourselves with more of our neighbours here in La Guerche. It was not however much fun loading most of our 'stuff' back in the trailer!

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