Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Sunday's Fete-du-Lait (?) at Legueil

Always feel it's a shame when local villages go to a lot of effort to organise their events and mother nature steps in to put a damper on things (literally). 

Light rain showers on Sunday meant some stall holders at the 'vide greniers' had to get their treasure under cover plus it would have put off a lot of potential customers.

This stall holder appeared to be searching for clients!

There was no way the 'couchon grille' wasn't going to happen, even under the rain!

We have noticed over the years the emphasis on 'lait' seems to be diminishing with this year's only real (?) reference being a rather unhappy looking DJ going around in a cow-suit!


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  2. Hock Aye - Takes more than alot of rain to put a scottish couple off their vide grenier fix...