Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Brocantes, breakages and predictive text...

At Sunday's brocante at Port de Piles  I found an interesting lamp at almost the first stall we visited,so rather than carry it for the rest of the treasure search I ask the lady to hold on to it until we were on our way out. When we got back it was her husband who was manning the stall and promptly handed it over telling me as the shade was very delicate he had taken it off - perhaps being inspired by the paper he wrapped it in. Unfortunately once I got it home I managed to pull it out of the bag with the lamp and dropped it...confirming its delicate nature!   

It was a large brocante with 'treasure; spread almost the complete length of Rue Jules Boisseau. 

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  1. Next objective... Find a new shade... I'd have bought the MUD sign...C