Saturday, 18 May 2019

Pleasant surprises...

On our way back from Chedigny on Thursday we made a slight detour to a village we had never visited  just outside of Loches. The village of Ferrière-sur-Beaulieu is one of those places you see signposted but never visit as there is no need to go through it to get anywhere else. It is small but has a lovely little church and a surprisingly large restaurant, 'La halte forestière', for the size of the village.

As we had arrived at midday we decided to try it out for lunch. It was typical of lunchtime menus here in Touraine but very tasty and at 13 euros for three courses plus wine plus coffee, excellent value. We got talking to the friendly lady who served us and explained that we would have liked to have seen inside the church but it was locked and the Mairie was closed exceptionally so we could not ask for the key. She said that was not a problem as the adjont to the maire was having lunch in the restaurant and she would ask if he could help. As we were leaving he interrupted his lunch to go and open up the church and asked us to close the door behind us as we kind was he?  

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