Monday, 8 April 2013

A long weekend...

We had a busy 'social calendar' over the weekend reminding us just what a good life we have here in France. It started on Thursday evening with apéros with some French friends and neighbours - really interesting people who have added a new dimension to our village life here in Barrou. Then a great evening on Friday with friends at 'La Promenade. Saturday night with dinner guests at home - introducing friends to each other who have actually been 'neighbours' for years. Then finished off last night with dinner (lapin) at our friend and immediate neighbour's where we often put the world to right late into the evening/morning.

A weekend of good food, wine and company...ah the joie de vivre

Food and how it was presented played its part...

La Promenade sure know how to do it,with Pauline its all about the taste...

but last nights starter really made us feel welcome!


  1. Nick had the same starter when we treated ourselves to lunch at "La Prom" yesterday!
    Now we have to save up for the next visit! Once every five years is our norm!!

  2. Its food Jim but not as we know it!!!