Sunday, 7 April 2013

Church on Sunday...Notre-Dame,Montbazon

Normally as you approach a town or village here in France the first thing you see is the steeple of the church and following it will normally take you to the centre of the village or town. This is, of course, if they do not have a chateau or keep, as these were predominately built on the higher ground. Such is the case at Montbazon where the keep or 'dungeon' is the first thing you catch sight of... well actually it's the somewhat out of place statue of the Virgin Mary perched atop, you see first. You might think you'd find the church underneath but no,it's tucked away in the corner of the square with its steeple not appearing to even try to compete.

 The view from the square does not exactly entice the visitor.

You have to walk along the tight Rue des Moulins to actually find the entrance to the church....

 but this 18th century church (replaced an earlier 16th century example) is worth seeking out - what a pleasant surprise awaits you!

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