Sunday, 14 April 2013

Church on Sunday...Saint-Jean-Baptiste,Langeais

L'église Saint-Jean-Baptiste in Langeais is, in our opinion, another 'must see' church of Touraine. Externally it seems to be cobbled together and in fact it is but this only adds to its interest. The site's first church was founded by Saint-Martin in the 4th century and was apparently the first 'rural' church in Touraine. This was replaced by a 10th century example which has obviously gone through many changes since.

Even to find your way in can be a challenge, this isn't it! You actually have to pass the seating area of the restaurant opposite to a little side entrance. Don't know what the holes in the tower are all about - perhaps some attempts at a repair job?

As you enter there is a rather awkward one step which if you enter from bright sunshine into the darkness of the church can prove a bit of a challenge so be careful.  

This is an internal view of the entrance under the 12th century bell tower.

Once into the main body of the church its another case of finding it difficult not to keep looking up...

...the detail is stunning.

The altar is located in what seems like a strange place in the passageway leading to the 11th century choir and apse.

You have to admire the detail around the internal arches.

This window dominates the light and at first seems rather garish when you first catch a glimpse. 

We have visited the church a few times now and would recommend it.

Where's Joan?...

Externally its like having three churches for the price of one!


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