Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Sign of the time...

When walking around Le Grand Pressigy on Sunday we noticed this sign outside the Hotel  Savoie Villars...

good news is it is re-opening in June. This after a period of closure and uncertainty is great news for the village and our future guests. 
We use to enjoy dining here, though on one of our early experiences there I asked for a glass of port as a digestive and madame asked me if if wished to start my meal again. It's an aperitif here in France!


  1. That's great news.
    We stayed in the hotel when we bought our house for the first three nights (until we had bought a bed!) and it was very quaint and comfortable. We also ate there several times.
    It was bad for the village when it was closed so I am really pleased that it is re-opening. It's good that it is not just going to crumble away.

  2. I agree with everything that Jean says about it re-opening... there was a gang of men busy in there on Tuesday afternoon.... but this is France.... it says re-opening in June... but it might move.... watch the 2013 magic-ally transfigure, morph, slide gently into 2014.
    I hope not.... I've seen a goodly number of people from other departments walk across from the car park and turn away, disappointed!
    Now if only something can be done with/for the hotel l'[sans] Esperance!