Monday, 6 July 2015

Festival des Barroudeurs...our village shows how it is done

With a limited budget our village here in Barrou have put together a music festival for the last 11 years that they can be justifiably proud of . Every year they have the fresh challenge of  bringing music to the people and uniting them in an evening of musical entertainment..

This year was organized in their usual efficient manner and although they now have 11 events under their belt the efforts of the committee and local volunteers cannot be overstated.  

Liked the young band Mini-Melo who provided 'continuity' from off the main stage on the top of the hill. Their drummer had a touch of the 'Keith Moon' about him!

The other two bands didn't really do it for me but added to the evening. 

For me Angie Palmer stole the show...


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