Tuesday, 14 July 2015

You give them a home for the summer...

Hirondelles had been living in our barn long before we had it and the previous owners had in fact made them a nesting shelf under the rafters

This was ok until I started to fill the barn with 'stuff' we sadly had to restrict access to them by making sure the barn door was firmly closed. This year however they were allowed in via a bit of luck, or at least that's the only thing I can think of, as a piece of roof tile had worked its way behind the door planks and its support timber giving them just enough room to get in. Now I'm sure this couldn't have been from when the roof was redone as I'd have noticed it before now but there it is, lodged firmly enogh to push the plans away from the timber.

One thought I'd had was maybe it had been sitting there since the roof was done and with the opening and closing of the door had worked its way down but no, as if you look closely enough you will see it is tapered bottom to top so looks as if it has been hammered up the way!

Anyway bottom line is I decided this meant that they were supposed to be allowed back in this year and happy to report that Ma & Pa are the proud parents of a brood of five healthy young...and my reward for this...poo eveywhere, even lucky enough to have direct hit on my napper!

That piece of tile may not be there next year.

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