Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Benefits of blogging...

I have been asked in the past why I 'blog' and admit to it being an opportunity to self promote our business, renting out holiday homes, by promoting the area and the lifestyle that our part of Centre-Val de Loire offers. It also acts as a sort of diary and a place where events can be highlighted so hopefully others may gain something from the limited exposure it receives.

The biggest benefit however has probably not been the exposure of our rental properties but to a group of fellow 'bloggers'. I think my first read of any blog was Simon and Susan's excellent 'Days on the Claise' which I came across while doing some research for my website on the region experienceloire.com.
It highlighted how, by sharing information you could embrace an audience,however small, that you might not normally gain exposure to.

Over time we have met,whether directly or indirectly,an interesting and very friendly bunch of people. The common link between us, we are quite a mix, is that we have chosen to live,whether part-time or on a permanent basis,in this lovely part of France. There is something else however,less tangible, that is evident and that is the knowledge that within this group there is a willingness to support each other in a variety of ways that may have been lost in the hectic lifestyles we have left (or leave) behind.

The photograph above is a good representation of some,not all, of these people.Taken on Sunday at an occasion that was full of mixed emotions as it was actually to say goodbye to the couple taking centre stage who have sold up here in France and are returning to the UK. They won't be strangers I'm sure but they have had their 'French experience' and wish to seek out new adventures...we wish them well.


  1. thank you, Jim, for expressing so eloquently what we have all gained from meeting our fellow bloggers. Thank you also for your friendship, support and generosity over the years. Our life here has been enriched by sharing time with you all. Thank you!

  2. Lovely words, Jim. As one adventure ends for Colin and Elizabeth another is about to begin. Thanks to the kind and generous friends in the photograph for their generous contributions of delicious food, ideas, help and support towards the leaving party.
    We also feel fortunate to have met you all.

    1. Your farewell song was perfect, and beautifully delivered.