Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Disappointed tourists...

We encourage guests staying at our holiday accommodation to use local facilities and visit local attractions, so it was disappointing to hear that our current Australian guests at the Old Walnut Mill couldn't get to see inside the chateau at La Guerche yesterday as they were told that it closed to visitors on Sunday, yet their website says they are open until today, the 20 th of September.

Ouverture au public 

du 22 juin au 20 septembre

How disappointing!


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  2. Sorry about previous comment.....too many embarrassing typos!

    We have learned not to trust any local tourism postings and try to have a back up plan of where to go and visit or eat.
    In May we went all the way to Fougères-sur-Bièvres with my brother to visit the château, having checked the website thoroughly to make sure it was open. When we got there.........guess what.........yes, you guessed, closed for that week for renovation of.........the gift shop!
    As the gift shop was across the courtyard from the château itself we were baffled as to why it all had to be closed, but most of all why it couldn't have said so in the website!
    One of the joys of living in rural France. Poor information and marketing of events and even when you find the info you can't trust it!

  3. Having been inside La Guerche they didn't miss much!!!