Monday, 19 September 2016

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Having spent the Saturday of Patrimoine weekend doing a changeover at the Old Walnut Mill and welcoming new Australian guests, we rustled up some energy and took ourselves on the local history tour around Barrou.

it wasn't until the last tour of the evening at 5 pm before we headed out,although I'd managed a few of those 'normally closed' churches a little earlier.

Our first port of call was the church,which is actually the third church the village has had as the first two which had been built by the river had been lost to it! Th church was beautifully dressed for the occasion...

as was Joan.

Although the church's patron Saint Maurice was looking a bit the worse for wear,although he could be excused as he has been around since the 15th century! 

This statue's origin was less certain with the date appearing to have been changed from the 13th to18th century.

The second visit of the tour was to the 'La Grand Maison' which is opposite the boulangerie.The building was the family home of a friend and neighbour's great-grand parents and grand-parents and it was she who showed us around.

We only got to see the first floor and cave as the building is in very poor condition.Project anyone?

Did you know spiral staircases go up to the left as it makes them easier to defend against sword carrying

This is the back of the building much of which dates from the 17th and 18th centuries. At one time this was actually the facade.

We were given a torch and told to mind our heads as we explored the great caves of what had obviously been a very grand house at one time.

The third visit was down to the lavoir which seemed inappropriately small for the village.

It sits on what was the original road to Lesigny, one that was used by salt smugglers,thus its current name 'Chemin des Faux  Saniers'

A surprise find down here was a little field of sheep one of which needed a lozenge as it had the deepest bleet I have ever heard! 

The 4th visit was down the familiar track to us down to the river Creuse to the location of two previous churches, beside the priory.

We understand the original village square was here before the river washed a lot of it away (1820) and the curent square used to be the village cemetery.

For the 5th visit we had to head out of the village along the D366 towards Chaumussay to the hamlet of  'La Coue.

The hamlet currently has a population of 3 but at its height there were 24 residents.

It has a charming well preserved 15th century house which would have been typical of dwelling houses of that period in Touraine Sud.

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