Friday, 9 September 2016

Revisiting Chateau de Langeais...

Here are some pics from Tuesday's re-visit to Chateau de Langeais with friends. We have been back several times over the years but never gone back in the chateau.The town is well worth a visit even if you don't visit the chateau. The church is beautiful and the Sunday market  is very good and it also has our favourite bridge over the Loire river.

Inside the chateau is fairly sparse as it was one which the royals would use only occasionally and would travel to with their possessions and entourage. 

There are two rooms well set up however,the banqueting hall is laid out and the grand salon has the impressive reproduction, in waxwork models, of the mariage of Charles VIII and Anne de Bretagne.

You also get the chance to go up walk along the parapets where you get some excellent views over the town.

The 'modern' chateau sits in the grounds of what was the original castle built by our old friend Foulques Nerra. 

Behind it you can now climb the 'medieval' scaffolding (honest) which is all held together by rope...

and take in the views.

There is a great treehouse, or as the literature calls it a 'hanging shed'...

and you just have to climb it!

Although perhaps not everyone!

There are also play parks and other fun things for kids of al ages.

There are also great views over the river Loire.

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