Monday, 13 February 2017

French lessons 'on the hoof'...

Second outing with the Le Grand Pressigny randonnee club on Thursday  afternoon in the countryside around Chaumussay. We have now paid our fees and handed in our medical certificate to say we are fit enough! The walk criss-crossed a number of routes courtesy of our group leader who does all the pre-planning...

...although  he wasn't always leading the pack

One of the interesting aspects of these walks,for me, is that you sometimes wander through small hamlets that you would otherwise never see, catching glimpses of real French rural life.

This house still had its xmas decorations up...but then it is only February!

As I said last week it is also a good opportunity to practice my poor French and learn new words.

Today's word was 'mare'  - a small pond as opposed to an 'etang'

- like 'L'etang de la Forge' which we just skirted past (I had to deviate from the route slightly to get theses pics). I have featured this in the past as you pass it when yo do the formal walk from Chambon

It was a bit of a grey day weatherwise but it did not detract any pleasure from the walk.

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