Sunday, 19 February 2017

My brief tenure as President...

Yesterday was our annual 'Fete de la Saint Blaise' and I had the honour of being its President for the day. It starts off with a church service followed by a march behind the brass band around the village square to the schoolyard for the 'Vin d'honneur' before settling in for the main event.

As ever the 'traiteur' did a great job of setting up and providing us with an excellent repas and our 'Comite des Fetes' contribution was, as ever, excellent.

One of the good things about the day is how our 'master of ceremonies' Dominique keeps it going...he does a great job of encouraging the local singers to do their bit and generally keeps things moving along rather nicely.

This year he also had a table of our English friends, who came out to support us to 'banter' with and his good humor was, I think, appreciated.

Cally's contributions were well received and even Mike's risky 'Swing low sweet chariot' (with animations) went down well!. I think I managed to carry off my presidency without having offended anyone or having to resort to fake news, so that was something. I even managed to give my speech in French,short as it was!

PS We managed a brief stint at the 'bal' (after a nap) in the evening.

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