Monday, 6 February 2017

Laco virgins...

Pauline and I went along to the 'Fete des Laco' (Laboureurs,Artisans,Commercants & Ouvriers) over in Le Grand Pressigny on Saturday...a first for us. It is a similar event to our 'Fete de La Saint-Blaise' here in Barrou. A full day of eating and drinking spent in good company. One difference here was they do not go in for a 'top table' with the president and local dignitaries tagged on to the end of one of the rows,plus the seating positions are preset so you have to find your location on a table plan.Naturally they placed us beside some Anglais friends but we also had some French neighbours from Barrou on one side of us and neighbours from Le Grand Pressigny within earshot.Both couples were very patient when it came to understanding my limited French.They also insist that anyone adding any sort of 'performance' to the day had to go up onto the main stage...a little daunting for us would-be singers...but only a little! 

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